Turning a Jeep Designed for City Driving Into an Off-Road Performer

Owning just about any Jeep is a recipe for plenty of fun off road. More than any other major manufacturer, Jeep has, for decades, focused on turning out vehicles that can handle some rough terrain with no trouble or complaining.

Naturally enough, some Jeep models and configurations prove more capable and confident than others once taken off road. Products available from suppliers like off road antics, however, can turn any Jeep into a machine that will excel in rough, challenging country. A look at some of the products available at https://www.offroadantics.com/products/vehicle_type/jeep will make this more than clear.

Products and Kits That Improve Off-Road Capability However Needed

Some of the Jeeps on the market today are aimed mostly at buyers who are unlikely to ever travel off road. Even these vehicles still retain enough of the manufacturer’s legendary DNA, though, that they can be easily upgraded into much more capable forms.

In many cases, it will only take the addition of a few basic aftermarket products to render a city-oriented Jeep into one ready for rough rural fire roads and even more demanding terrain. Some of the types of kits and upgrades that most often produce such results include:

Bumpers. The bumpers that many Jeeps are equipped with at the factory today are designed to withstand only very minor collisions with other vehicles. Aftermarket bumpers designed for off-road use will stand up well to repeated impacts with boulders, stumps, and other obstacles. In addition, many Jeep bumper kits also include additional features, like winch mounting points, that can make them even more useful to have installed.

Floodlights. Headlights designed to light the way on clear, open roads inevitably show their limitations when off road at night. Roof-mounted lighting systems that are designed to penetrate thick brush and overlapping tree canopies can make it possible to keep going even after the sun goes down.

Building a Tougher, Better Jeep

With many other types of products also being available, equipping a Jeep to head off road never needs to be a problem. Even Jeeps that were originally designed to appeal to luxury- and comfort-oriented buyers can generally be turned into highly capable off-road vehicles with the right upgrades.


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